Want to know more? Here is a list of commonly asked questions and answers. For further information please visit our contact page.

At Oracle FP, we pride ourselves on being very different from other companies, to actually make us a company that works.
We will always be upfront and honest, and provide you with the facts, rather than whimsical ideals that won’t help you at all. We take pride in helping people, and love the feeling we get when one of our clients tells us how grateful they are.

We have many real examples of where we have delivered great results to our clients, and often we have people ask to speak to some of them to hear their stories.
We can’t provide better proof than that. Just give us a call, or an email and we will be more than happy to put you in touch with a few of them, for you to discuss their experiences.

We’re a company that works with you long-term! In fact, our goal is to strike up a mutually beneficial relationship with you, so that our company continues to thrive, and you become more financially sound, and secure.
We’re able give you deals from developers that we have a long, and trusted relationship with, so that you can get a head start on the road to where you want to be financially.

It’s our buying power and the number of properties that we sell that gets us our deals. We receive economies of scale, and translate that across to you. That’s why we’re able to help you in such a substantial way, and still make a profit for our company to continue.

It’s simple; we want to build a relationship with you, not just now, but well into the future, and we are not going to risk that by offering you anything we feel could be a bad investment. That is why all developments we offer are all well researched, and only chosen for their long-term growth and profitability. We will even show you some computer generated figures so you get the facts and figures before you invest, so you can proceed with confidence.
If you’re not happy with what we choose, then that’s simple; we’ll keep looking for something until you are! Your happiness is key to our success.

The simple answer is no, as it’s our buying power, and the number of properties that we sell that enables us to get these deals, so unfortunately the Developer wouldn’t be able to translate that across to you if you went to them directly.
It might be offered, but in practice it won’t be done. We’ve worked extremely hard at forming networks of strong, and unique partnerships with our Partners, which enables us to stay ahead of the market, and to get things done as quickly as possible, with as little cost to you. With over a decade of experience in property investment, it’s our partnerships that give us our unbeatable edge to negotiate exclusive property deals directly with our Developers.
Definitely. Our team is dedicated to managing every part of your investment end-to-end through our partnerships. In fact we’ll tailor-make your property investment to fit in with your financial abilities, and your lifestyle.