You may be getting advice from friends, parents or the bank as to how to pay off your mortgage sooner, their advice may not be best suited to you or indeed the most efficient option available when it comes to paying off your mortgage earlier in today’s varied financial markets.

Did you know that the average age of first homeowners has reached an all-time high.

In previous generations, the norm was to wait until a mortgage was paid off before even beginning to think about investing in property.

The goalposts have well and truly been moved in today’s many and varied financial markets, significantly the old rules no longer apply as the best and only ways available for you to help yourself maximise your financial potential.

The reality today is that investing early is, without doubt, a proven and effective strategy in getting ahead, couple this with the ability to leverage your tax dollars, your investment returns allow you to significantly reduce the term of your loan. Saving you significant amounts of interest and ultimately helping you to pay off your mortgage much earlier.

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