Millions of Australians being in lockdown has failed to cool the current booming real estate market and new research has given a startling insight into how home buyers have reacted. A poll by comparison site revealed close to one in seven Aussies were considering a property purchase within the next six months.

The nationally representative survey of 1015 respondents found 7 per cent were looking to buy an investment property. A further 7 per cent of those polled wanted a home they would occupy.

Men (19 per cent) were twice as likely as women (9 per cent) to be in the market for a new home or investment. Residents in NSW, where prices have ballooned the most over the past year, were the most likely to be considering a purchase: close to one in five (19 per cent) planned to buy in the next six months. More than half of the prospective NSW buyers said they wanted an investment, not a property they would live in.

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Source: Aidan Devine |