Here at Oracle FP, we come to work every day because we enjoy solving the biggest issues for everyday Australians when it comes to wealth creation through property investment.

What We Do

The way we look at it, real estate agents and other property platforms pretend they know where the best places are to invest your money and charge an exorbitant premium for diluted advice. Investors and first home buyers, like yourselves, get different advice from just about everyone, making it extremely confusing as to where you should and shouldn’t buy property, how to get the most out of your investment, or even how to get the right loan.

Over the past decade, savvy investors have started turning to specialised property investment companies, because they’ve learnt in order to make smarter property investment decisions they need the expert advice from a business like Oracle FP to help them make informed decisions to help make their money work better for them.

Our vision at Oracle FP, is to make the property investment process transparent, easily accessible and highly successful for you—our clients. You see, we believe there’s a smarter path to invest in property. A more respected, clearer and less invasive path where clients are earned rather than bought. Our goal is to help everyday Australians like you achieve a better financial future.

  • Debt Reduction
  • Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) understanding
  • Retirement Planning
  • Property Investment
  • Taxation Planning

Why Choose Us

As an Oracle client you will have the peace of mind of knowing that any investment asset you have through us YOU OWN. We are the vehicle used to attain the very best Investment Property/s to fit around your lifestyle. In doing so, we ensure that your asset or assets are structured to take full advantage of every tool available at any given time. Once set up, every single Oracle client has the peace of mind of knowing that their asset/s are working in the background whilst they enjoy their normal day to day lives.
At Oracle it is about you the client and as such our commitment to ensuring our clients get the very best of service from day one is assured. Every single client has the opportunity to be as involved in the day to process as they wish, with 99% of our clients simply wanting to carry on with their day to day lives in the knowledge that their asset/s are being managed as they would manage them themselves, at Oracle we ensure that our clients are informed as and when they need to be without being intrusive and our clients know that if they are not hearing from us all is running smoothly, this we believe is how it should be.
Oracle have strongly aligned ourselves with Companies that have the same “client first” approach as ourselves. Strongly believing that there are certain areas where rather than us reinventing the wheel we take advantage of professional organisations in areas such as Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) with Prosperity Financial Group, Property Management with BFG Asset Management Group and Finance through Create & Protect.